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“People who believe they’ll be happy if they go and live somewhere else, learn it doesn’t work that way. Wherever you go, you take yourself with you.”

Neil Gaiman (via idrugdealer)



fun statistics for adults!
“when I was a kid, I had no help with college tuition, I was hardworking and paid it all myself”
-Annual tuition for Yale, 1970: $2,550
-Annual tuition for Yale, 2014: $45,800
-Minimum Wage, 1970: $1.45
-Minimum Wage, 2014: $7.25
-Daily hours at minimum wage needed to pay for tuition in 1970: 4.8
-Daily hours at minimum wage needed to pay for tuition in 2014: 17.3


Then don’t fucking go to Yale?

But how do I get back into living again?


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Tumblr is really sweet on an iPhone. IM NOT BRAGGING ABOUT HAVING AN IPHONE.

Watching self proclaimed feminists endlessly contradict the beliefs that “define them”: Priceless.

cosmo tip #889


he still likes homestuck? jesus christ. jesus fucking christ. its 2014. not even expertcosmotips is funny anymore. all we have is a fucking elf from runescape with a halo sound clip and screenshots of ctrl+alt+del


Pig Destroyer

We’ve made depression and mental disorders into this glorious, artsy, unattainable thing, so now we have an entire generation of kids who get uncomfortable in groups of people claiming to have anxiety disorders because it makes them look mysterious. Fuuuuuuuck that.  

We glorify and romanticize some really shitty things, and then we wonder why things are so fucked up.